Property Management is the single most important factor in the success of your investment property. It is designed to minimize expenses, maximize income, and enhance your property’s value. This dynamic process requires highly trained, qualified, and market-wise management personnel. Recognized as a market leader, our skills have been tested and proven for over two decades. Our professional services include:


Development of a marketing plan aimed at generating high occupancy

Oversee lease-up of your property to high quality, sold credit tenants

Retention of quality tenants through delivering responsive, and superior service during lease terms insures high levels lease renewals

Regular inspections to insure cleanliness and enhance your property “curb appeal”

Day to Day Operations

Property procedures to ensure timely rent payments

Maintenance-REMS procures low cost maintenance

Aggressive approach to preventive maintenance

Continuing supervision of property janitorial, landscaping and maintenance programs

Negation of favorable e-contracts with outside vendors and contractors

Procurement of the lowest possible cost for insurance coverage


Timely, accurate, and meaningful financial reporting

Preparation of annual budgets